WebRTC, SIP, VOIP and Media Streaming Engineer



Solution design and architecture for large scale custom WebRTC and SIP-based solutions such as OTT platforms, surveillance, IoT, Unified communication-collaboration, signalling gateways, SBC, soft turrets

Developed use cases  on Machine Learning and Computer vision for VoIP and Media streaming platforms including -  NLP, Image processing and Real-Time Video Analytics  etc

Core engineer for Plivo SIP Trunking “Zentrunk”  and build the platform for Jiyo’s Broadcasting Solution, Core member to architecture and build IPC Unigy 360

Invented RamuDroid, an IOT Road-Cleaning robot

Ardent contributor to Open Source Software TangoFX,  npm, Kamailio call flows and forums 

Author of the book “ WebRTC Integrator's Guide“ by Packt Publishing

Frequent tech blogger and contributor to forums and communities have many white papers and conference presentations to my credit including an IEEE paper on Hybrid Micro Grid.

Patent - “Multimedia Conferencing“ US patent - US20180284957A1

Speaker at many tech conferences/meetups (Jquery Conf, GraceHopper,  Kranky Geek, Hackaday, Barcamp, blockchain summit, Plivo's Tech conference etc) and won many hackathons. Jury member for smart India Hackathon.

Working on my second book titled “Innovations in Voice Over IP and its practical applications”.


Plivo Inc. SD2 voice

April 2018 - PRESENT

Cloud communication framework sip, webrtc SDKs and trunking solution

SDK re-engineered for webrtc, ios and android platforms with PUSH notifications and User-agent tracking

Engineered and successfully released Zentrunk, SIP trunking solution

IPC System Inc.  on contract of Tech Mahindra SSE

Sep  2016 - April  2018

Core member of the product development team of soft-turret for IPC, Unigy 360

Integration with Genband’s Spidr gateway, RadiSys media server and Oracle Weblogic SIP server

Engineering and architecture of supporting products such as loggers, notification service

Above Solution SSE

MONTH 2014 - Sep 2016

Part of Above R&D Lab. Build TFX suite of CaaS.

Build Live Streaming Solution as an independent pluggable module.

BLE android app as POC for Dreamweaver 4.0.

Core team member in developing Jiyo platform to build services and APIs.  

Telecom Practices Lab at TCS  SE

MONTH 2014 - Sep 2016

SIP application development in IMS platform using Java and C / C++.

Design of use cases and sequence flow for end-to-end telecom applications ( 3PCC, Call barring, Enhanced call control with IVR and Web Provisioning)

EDUCATION - Anna University, Chennai

Btech in IT                    May 2007 - May 2011

Scholarship from Army Welfare Society for consecutive academic years 2007-08, 2008-09

Participation in c TGMC, GSOC, inter-college symposiums, HP project

JAVA (Core), JAVA (Advanced)   NIIT Sun Certified Java Developer 2010

Internships at Tech Innovo (DBMS), BSNL Tambaram,  Lister technologies and ISRO Rocket Launch Center, Sriharikota


JAIN SLEE, WebRTC, media streaming, conferencing, RTP,  SBC, PBX, Freeswitch, Kamailio, OCAS, Rhino TAS

RaspberryPi, Arduino, BLE, TI soc and IoT frameworks

Communication protocols - XMPP , , WebSockets , REST ,MQTT , SIP


IMS (IP Multimedia System),

IN ( Intelligent Networks),

RCS ( Rich Comm Services ),

Carrier  - 3GPP, VOLTE


Webrtc security - SDP, offer -answer model, STIR/SHAKEN

Media Server Architectures - SVC, SFU, mixers, bridges

Closely following specifications by W3C, IETF and other RFCs for the latest


AWS, Google Cloud, OpenIMSCore,

SIP servers Weblogic, Kamailio, Asterisk, Freeswitch, Mobicents, Opensips

Media Servers -  Wowza Streaming Engine, Voxpilot, FreeSwitch, Live 555, Janus MCU,crtmpserver , RTPengine

Media Libraries - Transcoding  and formats ( FFmpeg and GST )  

Protocol Analyzers ( Wireshark, sipP , Browser dev tools )

JAIN SLEE  platforms  ( Opencloud Rhino, Mobicents )


Zentrunk Plivo’s SIP trunking solution, 2019

Build end-to-end carrier-grade SIP trunking product, with secure call routing logic for heavy traffic, with inbound and outbound features using open source components like Kamailio, Opensips dad Freeswitch

Unigy 360 -  soft turret for  financial communications  at IPC  ,  2016

It is a secure and high availability based real-time communication solution using distributed cloud architecture. Today the product is a roaring success and used by multinational financial and stock trading companies. I architectured and programmed microservice-based WebSocket signaller, queues, caches, NoSQL, REST and SIP services etc.

Build no latency, secure audio call platform using third parties gateways such as Genband, load balancers, Nagios loggers, ping-federate, audio Codes SBC, Oracle SIP server, Radisys Media Server etc.

Have won On the Spot accolades for efficient, flexible work and on-time deliveries including Pat on Back, McGyver Award

Jiyo Now - Streaming and Broadcasting Solution, 2014

AWS with Wowza engine and CloudFront as distribution unit and device agnostic and adaptive streams for WebRTC,  HLS, RTSP and RTMP streams. AR integration and  Vimeo SDK to store the archives and playback as VoD. Build transcoders for webrtc to legacy codecs like H264 using gateways and media codec libraries like FFmpeg, GStreamer, libvpx , videoconverter.js , openh264.

Architectured Classroom use case using Moxtra Services and build server APIs over PHP for scheduling classrooms, broadcasts, notifications, authorization. Reactive programming and JSX widgets  

Service Orchestration and Transformation Engine -    TCS , CNS Lab for Elisa, 2013

Orchestrates the interaction between different VOIP services for Belgium Based Service Provider. It enables reusing the existing services by allowing orchestration between IN –IN services, IN –SIP services, SIP – SIP services and SIP-Web services.

Design and development of SIP applications using OpenCloud SDK, FSM tool, Open IMS and Rhino VAS. Defining and executing interaction logic between various SIP services. Configuration of OpenCloud Service broker platform. Combining the existing and new services on a migrated network for the client.

UCC WebRTC Platform -   TCS , CNS Lab , 2012

A WebRTC based SIP softphone and platform on open source codecs to offers communication without Flash plugins or desktop installations. It was bundled with rich services like phonebook syncing, voicemails, geolocation, OAuth, advertisement engine. The Websocket gateway OnsIP converted SIP over Websockets to traditional SIP and then Signalling carried over self-hosted Kamailio SIP server with RTP proxy. Freeswitch for transcoding to interact with other non-WebRTC SIP endpoints. Developed on Spring Framework.

Independent Self Supported Projects


IOT droid to clean roads and outdoors inspired by  Bharat Swachata Abhiyan. Abilities of the droid include picking up litter from roads, media streaming in real-time,  image processing and autonomous decision making through sensory information. Hardware includes Arduino, Rpi B , adafruit BLE, Ultrasonic sensors, GPS, camera module.  


Webrtc libraries for common use cases like eLearning,  p2p call, conference, desktop share, record and playback. Use Cases multiplayer games, collaborative draw, coding, AR and media controls are also available.